Photography Equipment for Weddings

If you are an amateur in wedding photography then the only thing that can set you apart from the rest is your creative skills and your investment in a good quality camera. But if you aim to start your own photography business then you need to set up your own studio and invest in the right equipments that are needed for a professional photography business. And as your equipment start to wear and tear or just simply breakdown, as a business, having them repaired than just buying a new one will be good for the budget.

Canon PowerShot G16 for quick snaps
Canon PowerShot G16 for quick snaps


You need to invest in better and more powerful lenses than what came with the camera you have brought. Having several types of lenses would help you utilize your creativity to the maximum. A good example is taking shots of a wedding function from a distance. For such types of shots, telephoto lenses can get you stunning photographs. The Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8L USM and Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L are some of the lenses that you need to get your hands on for getting the best of those kinds of shots. But keep in mind of the budget because lenses are expensive. Not all type of lens are compatible with all types of cameras.

You need to do deep research to find the right type of lens for your camera. You can also learn about investing in the right lens by following professionals in your field. These professionals spend a lot of time and money in buying different types of lens and test them day in and day out to pick out the best one. These people know the value of investment because for a professional photographer being top-notch means more money.

Another problem, which arises while investing on the right type of lens, is that you need to upgrade your equipments along with your lens. Different types of lenses demands different equipments, so that they can function in an optimum manner or need to be compatible with each other. You can also experience the difference in quality when you use different types of equipments. Some photography equipments can also automate your job. Such types of equipments are a boon to professional photographers because they can then concentrate on things that matters.

Wedding photos have a lot of Portraits shots and people love such type of shots. Most of these types of photos are chosen and framed by most newly weds. If you don’t have the right lens to capture the portraits shots then your customers will miss these emotional moments in their wedding. Investing in the right types of lens can help you take portraits shots of the wedding specially the bride and groom in a creative romantic styles or whatever is in your mind. Nikon 85mm f/1.4 that cost about $1000 has an extremely sharp lens while Nikon 105mm f/2.8 with a price tag of US $750 provides a great portrait focal length which allows it to capture high quality close-up shots. Be open minded about equipments, a friend of mine dropped a brand new $3000 dslr camera and got quoted by the camera repair shop $500 for them to fix it. I’m not going to buy a new one, i’m just going to have it fixed.

You also need to invest in a zoom lens. Good quality zoom lens will help you get candid shots of friends and relatives of the couple. The co-motion, the fun and emotions are really visible in those types of shots. You will have a lot of choice to abandon or discard these shots after capturing them. Candid shots can give you a chance to catch some of the amazing moments in the wedding.

A wide-angle lens can help you immensely while capturing shots of the whole wedding party. In some cases you would also need to take these kinds of shots in front of the church in which the bride and the groom got married. The background can deeply impact the outcome of the photos.
Sometimes you need to take several shots of the bride and the groom along with their friends or relatives in front of the limo. Wide-angle lens can be your savior in these type of moments.

If you are getting enough clients to make profits and these clients are satisfied with your existing lens and equipments then most of your potential clients in the future will also like the work that you have done with your existing equipments. It’s not just about your equipment, but it’s you the photographer that has the responsibility to capture good pictures on whatever equipment you have. You must learn and know about what to do on a wedding. See wedding photography tips. Make sure you put aside a little amount of money from your profits so that you can invest for the right lens and equipments later on.

Camera Features
The next thing you need to note is the features that are available. Great features come with a price. The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is the current standard of professional photography. If you are not using a DSLR camera you should. The best results comes from the efficient usage of the lens and the skill of the professional photographer., the quality of the captured photos, unique vision, photo editing, knowing what to adjust, whether it’s dark or light, will set you apart from the competition.

If you are not able to invest in powerful cameras with exclusive features then invest in a professional photo editing software. These professional photo editing softwares may have pre-configured settings and tools that can enhance your shots. You can create amazing effects in your captured shots with ease. The bride and the groom only look at the outcome of the photos instead of the quality of your equipment. So in the end it’s up to the professional photographer skills and creativity to get the job done. Most professional photographers have their own personal style and they use these styles to brand themselves. They use the tools of the trade to enhance their unique skills.

If you need to brand yourself and grow your business then you need to do the same too and invest in various trainings that will enhance your skills. You can always work on your personal style and use your creativity to capture more beautiful shots.

Lighting accessories
Professional photographers know the value of good lighting. Pay attention to the right umbrella color for the type of photographs you will be taking. It matters. Your lighting kits, soft boxes, power sources, reflectors and light stands should have a secure carry bag. Your equipments are valuable so their security and protection should be your prime concern.

Memory/Flash Cards
Invest in the highest quality memory and flash cards available because it’s where all your efforts are stored. If something happens to your memory and flash cards then the data is gone forever and it can literally shut down your professional photography business. Depending on your camera you can choose the type of memory cards. Invest in a memory card with reputable brand and high storage space.