DSLR Nikon Cameras for Beginners: The Best Four

When looking for professional quality cameras that is suitable for you to use as a beginner, know that DLSRs have the highest performance in the line. These come with the highest image sensor and thus produces excellent image quality for digital cameras. With a digital camera of the DSLR variety, you can give yourself a great chance to click high-end pictures at par with the pros.

If you get intimidated by the thought of so many controls, you should not worry at all. Most of the starter DSLRs are easy to use and flexible just like compact digicams.

Also, the exciting part is that many of the DSLR cameras for beginners and even newer models being added costs under $800 – some are available for as low as under $500! Although, DSLR cameras for beginners is slightly pricier than high-end compact cameras, but the results are absolutely way better.

The best of the Nikon DSLR cameras aimed for beginners is listed below:

Nikon D3200
Nikon D3200


DSLR CAMERA 1 – Nikon D3200

The launch of D3200 variant from Nikon has raised the standards of the cameras available in the price range. For the sub-category of under $700 buys. The camera comes with a 24-MP and added features is aimed to benefit more serious photographers with excellent quality shots.

The lightweight camera is designed to be carried and can be controlled remotely from your various connected devices. The 4-fps burst rate excels at capturing six mode shots such as the Portrait, Lanscape, Sports, Child, Night Portrait, and Close-up.

The super high resolution and legendary flash system of the camera is a winner. As a beginner, you can grow your abilities and start experimenting with its different settings and modes.


Nikon D400
Nikon D400

DSLR CAMERA 2 – Nikon D400

Designed for newbies to use, the camera comes with all the required manual controls that captures actions at 5-fps. There is a Bluetooth connectivity available to easily transfer images automatically to your smartphone using SnapBridge. It comes with one of the longest battery life compared to others in the category.

The product uses better sensors than other cameras, which means that it is able to capture a wide range of shots in light and dark. The lens is sharp and focused. This feature is particularly useful in video mode that provides much better focusing than others in the competition.


Nikon D5600
Nikon D5600

DSLR CAMERA 3 – Nikon D5600

This little powerhouse of splendid features packed with incredible capabilities is the newest entrant to the D5000 line-up. The camera is equipped with a 24.2-MP sensor and 5-fps, great for a continuous shooting mode. It is a tool for the more ambitious beginner looking to capture images for years without any limitations.

The product design is well thought-out with a nice 3.2-inch screen size contributing to its great ergonomics.

Nikon D5300
Nikon D5300

DSLR CAMERA 4 – Nikon D5300

If you’re not up for a little more investment, then Nikon D5300 is a popular buy! The 24.2MP sensor, along with an EXPEED-4 image processor, and 39-point fps lets you capture images faster.

Although, this is not a new model, but it’s a great option for starting out in photography.

This is a guide for you to choose the most feature-rich beginner DSLR from Nikon. The line-up has been focused on quality products at an affordable price.