Maintenance Basics & Advice for your Gear & Equipment

Cameras are electronic devices and that means that they are prone to breaking like many other electronics. It isn’t often but it happens. If your camera stops working here are some tips to help you troubleshoot the device and then if that doesn’t work, get the most out of repairing your camera. See Nikon DSLR Cameras.

camera repair basic common parts
basic camera common parts

Common Problems

Memory Cards

One of the most common problems with digital cameras is that the memory card stops working. There can be a variety of causes for this. One that is seen a lot by tech experts is that a camera has been forced in too hard in the wrong direction, resulting in the contacts being bent. Sometimes you can bend back the contacts but if you decide to do this, be very careful. If you are just a beginning photographer, see photography tips on what things you need to backup which includes memory card. Check the 6 memory card problems and solutions by ebay.

Another issue that can happen is taking the memory card out of your camera or computer without turned the device off or ejecting the card. This can result in the card being corrupted. You can try at home memory recovery software and you might be able to recover at least a portion of your images. If you are unable to recover your images you can opt to send it into a data recovery center but there are hefty fees for these facilities. You can also try to first ask an experienced camera service technician before going to a data recovery specialist.


If your camera won’t turn on, a common culprit is your battery. The battery could be draining or not charging. To test this you can try changing out batteries. For those that don’t have an extra battery for their camera, you can try going into a local camera store or battery store and asking if you can try one of their batteries in your camera. Most businesses will help you troubleshoot in order to build a better reputation with you.
Replacing the battery might not always be the right fix for the camera not turning on. If it still won’t come on, try emptying the memory card on your computer. Some cameras won’t turn on if your memory card is full.

Image Quality

Discoloration or pixelation can be a sign that your camera is having problems with either the lens or the sensor. Some signs of this can be your photos have too much of a color or lines running across the screen. Unless you know a lot about cameras you will need to get this issue repaired by a professional. If your photos taken have scratches and lines and these are the only copies that you have, you can attempt to fix them using photoshop. Here are some techniques by adjusting and controlling the contrast.

Getting Your Camera Serviced

If one of these common problems isn’t the issue you are having or our troubleshooting issues aren’t solving your problem, you will have to get your camera serviced. You will have two options for repair, sending the normal camera or DSLR camera into the manufacturer or an authorized repair centre like this Canon’s List.

The manufacturer is the company that built your camera so they should know the best ways to repair your device. An authorized repair centre is a company that has been certified to repair your camera but is not connected with the manufacturer. Often authorized repair centers are cheaper but you have to ensure that you find a reliable service center.

More info on DIY camera servicing: Fix your digital camera yourself –

When you initially contact the repair company or manufacturer you are going to need to provide them with your model number and serial number. They will also need a complete description of the problem. Make sure that you also inform them if the camera has any symptoms that you may feel are unrelated.

Make sure to ask if your unit is still covered under warranty. Every manufacturer comes with different warranties. The standard is one year but some manufacturers have or offer extended warranty for two, five, or more years. If your camera is not under warranty, make sure that you inquire as to how much the repair will cost. See examples of extended warranties with dd photographics.

Some repairs will be very affordable but some can cost more than 50% of the cost of your camera. See camera repair cost discussion. You need to decide whether it is worth having your camera serviced or if it is time to get a new one. Often times older cameras will cost more than they are worth to repair, especially if parts are hard to find. If a camera is really old, a service center might not even be able to repair it.

Now that you know a little bit more about camera servicing you will be ready to make the decision whether or not you want to send the camera in. Before sending a camera in though it is always wise to try a reset to see if your issue can be fixed easily.